Are you expat worker, Erasmus student or just a random wanderer? Do you want to play ultimate frisbee in Brno on regular basis? You are welcome in our team Brno Ultimate Frisbee Underground. Feel free to join us for the game we all love.


From mid of September we have two trainings per week. Please take dark and white jersey.

Monday – 18:00 – 20:00

Big field with high quality artificial grass in Brněnské Ivanovice. Cleats are recommended.

Thursday – 19:00 – 21:00

Smaller field near Club Classic. Also nice artificial grass.

ultimate frisbee brno practice
Practising the zone defense


You can find us during Monday or Thursday in Lužánky park or field near Zvonařka bus station.


We are regularly attending tournaments of all levels. Czech nationals, fun tournamens or events for beginners. We are open for regular players and sometimes even for ocassional help.


You can contact us on e-mail or our Facebook page.

bufu týmová fotka
Our team photo after beach tournament in Brno.